Uncategorized Color Wheel Maria Walker april | may | 2017 the psychology of color How to Use Color to Influence Your Mood and Productivity WRITTEN BY BLAKE MILLER The five senses are an incredible thing. Smell and taste are two of the most powerful tools at evoking emotion. But sight must not be forgotten. After all, what you […]
Uncategorized Beautiful Use of Coral Maria Walker april | may | 2017 CORAL CODE Bold Hues Abound in This Project Built for Two WRITTEN BY BLAKE MILLER PHOTOGRAPHY BY AMANDA JAMES PHOTOGRAPHY When designers Jacy Painter Kelly and Kerri Robusto were first approached by their home builder client to design the interiors of a model home that was about to […]
Uncategorized French “Style” Country Estate Maria Walker april | may | 2017 HUBBLE SHIRE FARM WRITTEN BY CAROLYN M. RUNYON PHOTOGRAPHY BY ERIC ROTH Steven Favreau, president of Favreau Design, longed to move to the French countryside. But with family in his hometown of Boston, and offices in both Boston and San Francisco, that kind of move presented a logistic […]
Uncategorized Part Two of “The Whole Bowl” Maria Walker february | march | 2017 the whole bowl Bowl Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner RECIPES AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KARISTA BENNETT Print Recipes ROASTED SPICY CHICKEN AND VEGETABLE BOWL WITH AVOCADO LIME DRESSING This is a lovely twist on the traditional chicken and vegetable bowl as this recipe uses harissa powder or paste […]
Uncategorized Planting Trees This Spring? Maria Walker february | march | 2017 in the grove Choosing the Best Trees for Your Property WRITTEN BY CATRIONA TUDOR ERLER Generally long-lived, trees give a sense of time, history, and continuity to a garden and community. They also lend a sense of place—geographic identity. Palm trees denote tropical climes, magnolias and bald cypress […]
Uncategorized Los Angeles Charm Maria Walker february | march | 2017 Camera Ready HOLLYWOOD HILLS, LOS ANGELES HOME TAKES CUES FROM ITS COVETED LOCATION WRITTEN BY JEANINE MATLOW PHOTOGRAPHY BY BLAKE MARVIN AND JOSHUA MCHUGH Although he has an impressive background in commercial development and the fashion industry, designer Bradley Bayou says his heart remains in real estate. As […]
Uncategorized Dallas Garden Makeover EARTH, AIR, WATER, FIRE THE ELEMENTS MERGE IN THIS DALLAS GARDEN WRITTEN BYRONDA SWANEY PHOTOS PROVIDED BYHAROLD LEIDNER COMPANY Standing in the center of this garden, you’d be hard-pressed to believe you are in Dallas, Texas. “This is a complicated lot. There’s about twenty feet of grade change, which is unusual for Dallas,” says Harold […]
Uncategorized The Whole Bowl Maria Walker february | march | 2017 the whole bowl Bowl Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner RECIPES AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KARISTA BENNETT If there’s one food trend every cook can get behind, it’s bowl food. The comforting presentation is also delicious and easy to assemble. Combine fresh ingredients with a few pantry staples and […]
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