Uncategorized Fun Western Get-Away Maria Walker august | september | 2017 Where the West Lives GOLDEN, COLORADO BELOW: Visitors to the charming town of Golden, Colorado are welcomed with a friendly arch. INSET, FROM LEFT: Guests of The Dove Inn Bed & Breakfast enjoy small-town luxury; sample a Buffalo Reuben at local favorite D’Deli; catch a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater. “Howdy Folks! […]
Uncategorized Elegant But Comfortable Decorating Maria Walker august | september | 2017 Farm fresh a home with a story to tell WRITTEN BY CAROLYN M. RUNYON  PHOTOGRAPHY BY ANGIE SECKINGER Alex Deringer, co-owner with Courtney Cox of Ivy Lane Living in Alexandria, Virginia, believes a person’s home should tell his or her individual story. Her 4,500-square-foot, three-level residence on a unique two-acre lot in the heart of the […]
Uncategorized Easy Home Aquaponic System Maria Walker august | september | 2017 age of aquariums Maintaining Your Personal Fish Tank Garden WRITTEN BY CATRIONA TUDOR ERLER For centuries, farmers have cultivated plants with aquaponic systems. Since at least 11,000 B.C.E, in China, rice has been grown in paddies. When the fields are flooded, fish come in. Ducks also arrive to enjoy the wetlands. The fish […]
Uncategorized Meshing Modern with Historic Maria Walker august | september | 2017 timeless in toronto A Historic Townhome Gets a Modern Face-Lift WRITTEN BY BLAKE MILLER  PHOTOGRAPHY BY LISA PETROLE It was a blank canvas for designers Ashley Tracey and Laura McLellan. The design principals behind the wildly successful firm The Design Co., which specializes in blending old with new, were tasked with designing the interiors of […]
Uncategorized Ring The Dinner Bell Maria Walker august | september | 2017 gather round A Wild West Chuck Wagon Dinner RECIPES AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KARISTA BENNETT Did you ever wonder what might have been served at a chuck wagon dinner? Just like dinner around a campfire, food at the chuck wagon was often simple but loaded with flavor and texture. Chuck wagon cooks prided […]
Uncategorized Adult Seaside Decor Maria Walker august | september | 2017 by the sea WRITTEN BY JEANINE MATLOW PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT BENSON AND MICHAEL STARIDIS The owners of this stately seaside retreat didn’t have to look far for inspiration. To begin, their interior designer, Eileen Marcuvitz of Plum Interiors with locations in Newport, Rhode Island and Naples, Florida, tries to translate her clients’ thoughts into […]
Uncategorized Add Some Color and Update Maria Walker august | september | 2017 old, new,borrowed, blue A Chic Update to a Longtime Living Room WRITTEN BY RONDA SWANEY PHOTOGRAPHY BY ERIC ROTH PHOTOGRAPHY “When people have been together for a while, they have their own collections [and] special things gathered over time or inherited from family,” says Linda Weisberg, owner of Newton, Massachusetts-based LW Interiors. This was true […]
Uncategorized Growing Beautiful Citrus Fruit Maria Walker june | july | 2017 zest and zeal A Get-Started Guide to Cultivating Citrus Fruit WRITTEN BY CATRIONA TUDOR ERLER With their fragrant flowers, rich green foliage, and delicious fruit, citrus are among the most rewarding trees to grow. Those living in USDA Hardiness zones 9–11, where temperatures don’t normally drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, can grow citrus […]
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Uncategorized “Summer Tastes” Maria Walker june | july | 2017 tart & tasty The Season of Summer Fruit RECIPES AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KARISTA BENNETT The summer fruit season, brimming with color and flavor, always feels festive. Versatile summer fruit is delicious in savory and sweet recipes that are perfect for entertaining. Berries complete cocktails and complement grilled cheese sandwiches. All it takes is […]
Uncategorized Summer Home Easy Maria Walker june | july | 2017 Welcome Back Opening Your Vacation Home for the Summer It’s finally here. The sweet summer season has arrived, and with it, your plans to spend days, weeks, or months at your vacation home. But if you only enjoy your getaway during the summer, there are a few things you’ll need to take […]
Uncategorized Beautiful Park City Home Maria Walker june | july | 2017 Mountain Chic A Home with Rustic Charm and Modern Sophistication WRITTEN BY CAROLYN M. RUNYON  PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIMBERLY GAVIN Deer Valley is an alpine ski resort in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. Located in Park City, Utah, it is known for its upscale amenities and is consistently ranked among the top ski resorts […]
Uncategorized A Caribbean Jewel Maria Walker june | july | 2017 BeautifulSaint Bart’s Bask in the Luxury of One of the Caribbean’s Most Fantastic Islands Caribbean islands are like politicians—everyone has a favorite and everyone has an opinion about them. So when you ask your neighbor, coworker, sister-in-law, whomever, without fail, someone will tell you to go to Jamaica or Aruba or St. […]
Uncategorized Try New Things…Climb A Mountain Maria Walker june | july | 2017 peak performance Reach New Heights with Mountain Climbing WRITTEN BY BLAKE MILLER For Nick Bratton, his love of mountain climbing began early. As a young Boy Scout, it was a natural progression for him to get into mountaineering at a young age. That, coupled with a desire to […]
Uncategorized From Mayan Remains to Beautiful Resort Maria Walker june | july | 2017 Magic in Maya A Mexican Estate Turned Resort Receives a Historical Makeover WRITTEN BY BLAKE MILLER  PHOTOGRAPHY BY TIM STREET-PORTER/OTTO When Salvador Reyes Ríos first saw Hacienda Petac, there was no immediate inspiration for what would eventually become the property’s impressive post-restoration design. After all, for Ríos, the initial […]
Uncategorized Southern Charm Maria Walker june | july | 2017 Island Monarch Londoners Lay Claim to a Stately Southern Vacation Home WRITTEN BY RONDA SWANEY  PHOTOGRAPHY BY ANDREAS VON EINSIEDEL Spanish moss drips from trees gnarled by Atlantic winds. Sandy earth supports native scrub and flora. A grand home rises above the flat barrier island plain of Sea Island, […]
Uncategorized Island Time… Maria Walker april | may | 2017 islandtime Discovering the Treasure of Havana, Cuba Less than an hour flight from South Florida, Havana’s treasures await: music, food, art, architecture, and of course the cars. Going to Cuba is like traveling back in time sixty years in only sixty minutes, but this time warp won’t last […]
Uncategorized DYI Beehive Hotel Maria Walker april | may | 2017 checking in Host Friendly Pollinators with a Bee Hotel WRITTEN BY CATRIONA TUDOR ERLER It’s the newest trend in insect travel. Everyday people are becoming bee hoteliers by setting up nesting sites, called bee hotels, to attract a variety of the pollinators. The targeted guests are the various […]
Uncategorized Pop of Color! Maria Walker april | may | 2017 BOHEMIANRHAPSODY An Urban Loft Design Stirs the Senses with Pops of Color WRITTEN BY JEANINE MATLOW PHOTOGRAPHY BY COURTNEY APPLE PHOTOGRAPHY When decking out her former digs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Naomi Stein was definitely ahead of the curve with her alternative style choice that she calls modern bohemian […]
Uncategorized Neutral Palette – Anything But Boring Maria Walker april | may | 2017 FROM BLACKTO WHITE Fabrics, Textures, and Patterns Make This Home’s Neutral Palette Anything but Boring WRITTEN BY RONDA SWANEY PHOTOGRAPHY BY STEPHANI BUCHMAN PHOTOGRAPHY Exterior stonework is presented in every shade of gray; a front door and garden furniture are dressed in bold black; snow-white flowers flank the […]
Uncategorized Just In Time For Cinco De Mayo! Maria Walker april | may | 2017 street food fiesta Mexican Food on the Go RECIPES AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KARISTA BENNETT Mexican street food never fails to ignite the images of slow cooked and intensely flavored food that makes up the gastronomic landscape of the streets of Mexico City. It has become its own niche […]